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Chakra Stones – How to Use Them Properly

Chakra stones can help bring balance and healing to your energy field, and are an invaluable addition to meditation or crystal grid practices.

Understanding how to utilize chakra stones effectively for maximum results is essential in creating successful healing rituals. Here are a few pointers on how you can begin using them in your healing practices.


Chakra stones are crystals used to balance and heal your seven chakra energy centers in your body. While chakra stones can provide powerful spiritual healing tools, you must first know how to use them properly for maximum benefit.

At first, it is important to recognize that every stone has a distinct vibration. Some stones may be better at balancing and healing your chakras than others; the best way to figure out which stones suit you best is to try them and see how your body responds.

As part of your practice with crystals, keeping a journal to document how they affect you may also be beneficial in tracking their effects and tracking how they have changed your life.

Once you’ve chosen several stones, it is essential that they are cleansed prior to being worn on your body. This step helps rid them of any negative energies which have built up over time and help release any tension or stress that has built up within them.

Once your stones have been selected, place each on its respective chakra point. Each color has a particular significance that matches with an associated stone’s vibrational frequency that aligns with that chakra point.

Red garnet is an excellent stone to ground the root chakra, which governs physical health and stability. When this chakra is open, living an active, healthy lifestyle and making positive choices becomes much simpler.

The heart chakra represents love, compassion and self-love. It serves as a center for healing and relationships; most effective crystals for this chakra include tiger’s eye or carnelian.

To stimulate the heart chakra, try placing a stone on your breastbone and visualizing its soothing, calming, and opening effects on your heart chakra. Green jade or emerald stones may also help promote the flow of loving energy throughout your life.

Holding stones over each chakra point can also help with chakra healing meditation, offering an easy and effective way to release negativity, manifest new opportunities in your life and clear away fear. Make sure to leave them on for 20 minutes or so and be mindful of any thoughts that come into your head while meditating.


Chakra stones are powerful crystals that work on an energetic level to bring healing and positivity into your life. Like any form of energy work, however, chakra stones must first be cleansed and charged before you can use them effectively.

Many people purchase chakra stones without first cleansing them thoroughly. Unfortunately, this can leave a negative energetic footprint that prevents them from functioning to their full potential.

There are various effective and safe ways of cleaning and charging chakra stones! Smudging with sage or palo santo or running them under cold water are two safe yet efficient strategies that will restore their original energy, helping your stones feel more vibrant again.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to cleanse chakra stones is exposing them to both sunlight and moonlight, especially clear stones such as quartz which absorb both forms of light.

Meditation can also help cleanse chakra stones by grounding and centering yourself, then visualizing clean, positive energy filling every pore of each stone you’re cleansing – this process may take several minutes per stone you are purifying.

Cleanse your chakra stones by immersing them in a bowl of coarse salt (Himalayan or sea salts are ideal, although regular table salt will work too). Allow the crystals to remain in this salt bath overnight before rinsing them off using stream or clean water.

This method works on all chakra stones, although it’s not advised for more fragile crystals like selenite, celestine, fluorite, black tourmaline, turquoise, pyrite or topaz as saltwater can damage these gems.

As your next step, smudge your stones with sacred smoke to help clear away inharmonious vibrations and restore their natural energy. Furthermore, program crystals with specific intentions to allow them to focus their energies towards fulfilling those purposes.


Chakra stones can help you bring into being everything that you desire in life. Wearable jewelry and home decorations containing chakra stones, as well as meditation techniques with them, are effective tools for manifesting success.

Crystal manifestation is more than setting goals; it involves being clear on exactly what it is you want. By being sure about what your desires are, less distraction will likely arise from outside sources that do not correspond with them – making achieving goals much simpler!

When trying to manifest something big in your life, setting an exact timeline and using crystals as tools towards reaching it are both key steps to reaching that goal.

One effective method for manifestation is through meditation in front of an image representing what you desire, or while holding your crystal while visualizing your dream. A crystal grid may also help program crystals for manifestation.

Crystals can also help manifesting by wearing gemstone jewellery – this will keep your intention present all day long!

Hematite is an excellent grounding and protective stone, designed to bring out your inner power and break through limiting beliefs that hold back progress and release negative emotions that stand in the way.

As it helps balance luck and drive, money stones or fool’s gold are used as tools to manifest more wealth and abundance in life. By encouraging action toward your dreams and goals, they encourage success to manifest more quickly.

Red Jasper can be an extremely helpful stone when working to manifest creativity and motivation, because it encourages your creative, vibrant self to emerge and bring about great results in manifestation.

Love stones can also assist in manifesting love by encouraging unconditional compassion, opening your heart chakra and increasing love exchanged between partners. Use it also to achieve health and happiness as it heals past wounds while instilling an encompassing feeling of inner peace.


Chakra stones can be used in meditation with the goal of improving energy flow through each chakra. You can use them alone or combine them with other stones; each will remove negative energies while replacing them with positive ones.

Step one in using chakra stones for meditation is choosing stones corresponding to each chakra color; this will enable a quicker healing process since its energy will be concentrated directly onto that specific area.

Red garnet is an excellent stone to use with the root chakra as it acts as a powerful grounding agent and aids stability during times of change and upheaval. Furthermore, its protective energy also makes it an excellent addition to your personal arsenal.

Yellow Apatite, another widely-used stone associated with the solar plexus chakra, helps strengthen both personal and self-esteem by building self-worth and increasing personal power.

Yellow Apatite can also help those having trouble reaching their goals or experiencing self-love and compassion issues, clearing away limiting thoughts and emotions that prevent you from reaching them.

Once you have selected an appropriate chakra stone, place one at each of your seven major energy centers starting with the root chakra. Red, brown or black stones are associated with this energy center and should be placed first on its pedestal.

Simply place a green or pink stone over your heart chakra – these colors represent love and kindness for yourself and others. Morganite or Dioptase stones make great choices.

Once all the stones have been laid out, sit or lie down to meditate and visualize each stone absorbing negative energy from different areas of your body. With eyes closed, imagine their energy draining away any negative vibes in that region of your body.

As your meditation progresses, you may experience vibrations, tingling sensations or subtle temperature variations as the stones begin their work. After you finish meditating, take a deep breath and thank them for being there for you.

Some individuals prefer quick meditation sessions lasting five or ten minutes alone, while others seek hour-long sessions with spiritual healing professionals. You have complete control of how and when to meditate – listen to what works for your body and remove stones when they become uncomfortable.

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