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How Much Do Estheticians Make With Their Own Business?

Estheticians are skin care specialists who offer a variety of beauty and personal care treatments for their clients in salons, spas and medical offices.

Esthetician salaries differ depending on their field of employment and level of experience, in addition to tips and commissions that they earn as part of their earnings.


Estheticians specialize in skin treatments such as facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and body exfoliation to help their clients look their best.

Estheticians typically make an impressive annual salary, depending on their experience level and number of years spent practicing esthetics. An esthetician with five years’ experience can expect to bring home about $50,000 annually from wages, tips, bonuses and commissions – this amount includes all forms of compensation (taxable wages plus tips/bonuses/commissions).

Many estheticians take great pleasure in helping people feel good about their appearance through cosmetic skin care, which can make for an exciting career path.

However, you must remain cautious with your finances during a recession; your income could be compromised if forced to sell products and services at discounted rates during such times.

As part of your job search strategy, investing in additional training may also increase job prospects. For instance, learning Botox injection is a non-invasive procedure designed to smooth wrinkles and diminish fine lines.

As part of your training, you must complete a specified number of hours of classroom instruction and hands-on learning in a salon or spa setting – this will equip you with all of the skills needed to become a licensed esthetician.

Once your training is complete, the final step will be passing an exam and applying for your license. This can take anywhere between four to six months depending on your school and program selection.

Most states allow individuals to gain their esthetician or cosmetology license through an esthetician or cosmetology school, giving them access to work as an esthetician, makeup artist or platform artist in salons or spas.

Launch your own business and become a self-employed esthetician; this can be an excellent way to build up clientele while earning above average salaries.

Preparing your business for an eCommerce venture starts with building a website, business plan and social media presence – essential tools that will allow you to promote the venture while keeping an eye on finances.


Estheticians work in various settings, from salons and beauty spas, health spas or medical offices to self-employed house calls. While most typically work 40+ hours each week full-time, others do work evenings and weekends.

Participate in training programs to acquire new techniques, while further expanding their skill set through continuing education or certifications – this may allow them to earn more income.

Estheticians not only receive hourly pay but can also make additional income through commissions from products sold to clients in salons. A percentage of product sales to clients goes back into commission payments to estheticians.

Commission is a percentage of the total value of products sold and can be extremely beneficial to estheticians who sell multiple items. While commission can provide significant financial rewards, building up enough clients who provide this source of compensation takes time.

Earnings can differ drastically for estheticians depending on where and how experienced they are. Newly trained estheticians should expect to earn about $20,000 in their first year on the job; with time, this number can grow up to $50k+ as experience builds and they generate commissions.

As one progresses in their career, they can increase earnings by honing in on one particular skin treatment that they are adept at and building up a reputation and tips.

Additional services, like waxing, eyelash extensions and permanent makeup application can add value and earn additional income over time – particularly if offered at higher than market rates.

According to 212 TurboTax users who identified themselves as estheticians, the median annual salary for an esthetician is $31,500 a year – this includes all taxable wages, tips and bonuses; with 10% earning less than $17,460 and 10% making over $51,900 respectively.


Estheticians can earn commissions from clients when providing services like waxing and facial massage, or selling skin care products like moisturizers and sunscreens to them.

Estheticians are specialists in health and beauty who specialize in cleansing and rejuvenating skin through techniques such as exfoliation, eyelash tinting, makeup application and hair removal to enhance its appearance. They may work at spas, beauty salons or physician’s offices.

Most states mandate that estheticians complete at least a certificate or associate’s degree program before becoming licensed estheticians. The courses usually last two or three years, providing both classroom instruction and practical experience in anatomy, chemistry, business ethics, ethics of safety.

Train in customer service and interpersonal skills that enable them to interact directly with clients, while possessing strong communication and customer service abilities that allow them to comprehend clients’ skin care and cosmetic needs.

Estheticians need the ability to connect directly with clients and create an inviting space, making sure that clients feel relaxed during treatment sessions. Effective communication and empathy skills enable estheticians to ensure this occurs successfully.

Many estheticians work in medical offices or beauty salons and spas; however, they also have the option to become self-employed by opening their own place of business. While this career requires hard work and dedication from its practitioners, the rewards can be great!

Estheticians must possess strong leadership abilities, as they are accountable for overseeing all areas of a spa or salon to ensure it remains clean and running efficiently. Furthermore, they oversee each department within their spa to make sure everyone works toward common goals that keep it at an exceptional quality level.

Leaders can lead a team of therapists by making sure each employee adheres to esthetician guidelines and delivers quality experiences for clients. Leaders set an inspiring example for their colleagues that motivates them to work harder and achieve more.

Salary estimates for an esthetician depend upon experience, location and the nature of their business. Estheticians who specialize in personal care or medical treatments typically earn higher than standard estheticians.


Estheticians require specialized knowledge and technical skill, yet most don’t make a lot of money in this profession. But as more people become self-conscious about their appearance and seek healthy skin, estheticians’ services should become increasingly valued by consumers.

As an esthetician, your earnings depend on various factors, such as experience level, type of work done and geographic location in the US.

Estheticians who work as self-employed earn their income through wages, tips and commissions. Additionally, they may generate extra revenue by selling retail products used during treatments – like oils or scrubs – for which they use. This traditional marketing tactic can generate extra cash without compromising the quality of service rendered.

Estheticians can make extra money by taking on additional tasks. For instance, some can work as managers at spas and salons – this can increase their income significantly over working as regular employees but requires extensive experience first before being promoted to such positions.

Estheticians must stay abreast of the latest techniques, products, and laws so as to offer clients the highest-quality services possible. Doing this will enable you to provide outstanding services.

One of the best ways for estheticians to make extra cash is through commissions, whereby a percentage of products purchased by clients during treatments goes back to you as income. It can be used with various skincare products.

Example: If you sell an item that costs $60, and earn 10 percent of its sale, this could quickly add up.

Experienced estheticians can take on more complex procedures and command higher salaries due to their specialized training, experience and understanding of the health and beauty industry.

Most estheticians begin their education through a state-run cosmetology or esthetician school, where they learn all of the skills and techniques needed for this career. Programs typically last one year and include both classroom instruction and hands-on practice sessions, with students required to pass a state exam prior to receiving their licenses.

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