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How to Use Bath Bombs to Make Your Tub a Relaxing Place

Bath bombs are an enjoyable way to make bathtime relaxing and therapeutic at the same time, offering several health advantages like skin-nourishing oils and butters.

Baking soda and citric acid work together to produce fizzing action in this detox formula, while sodium bicarbonate acts as an excellent detoxing agent that can remove toxins.

Fill the tub with water

Bath bombs are an exciting way to add some fun and relaxation to your bath time, and many contain skin-softening ingredients and aromatic fragrances that will make you feel luxuriously indulged.

Create homemade bath bombs easily by mixing together ingredients such as citric acid, mica powder and Epsom salt. Coconut oil will soften your skin for an exquisitely luxurious bath experience!

Most bath bombs will fizz and release colors and scents into the water once submerged; additionally they contain skin-nourishing ingredients like oils, butters and mineral salts for maximum softening potential.

Before using a bath bomb, make sure your tub contains warm or lukewarm water that fits your personal preferences. This temperature allows the skin-softening ingredients in your bomb to envelope you with their scents while making it easier for them to dissolve.

Place the bath bomb in a small plastic or nylon stocking to make removal from the water easier once your bath bomb experience is over, avoiding flower petals getting stuck and keeping away any color residue that could potentially cause plumbing issues. This will also keep flower petals from getting stuck underfoot!

When using a bath bomb, be sure to give the tub an additional scrub afterward to clear away dyes and glitter that could potentially clog your drain. Give yourself plenty of time for cleaning so as to give the best experience and be sure not to forget cleaning up as part of a relaxing evening routine!

Some individuals prefer to rinse off their bath bombs in the shower once they have finished using them, to remove any potential residue build-up on either their skin or hair. This helps ensure any residual chemicals don’t build up and become stuck onto them or their surface.

Drop the bath bomb into the water

Dropping a bath bomb into water causes it to fizz and release loads of bubbles while also dispensing beneficial oils, salts, and butters into the bath water that will hydrate your skin and provide soothing relief.

Bath bombs are an incredibly popular self-care product and there is a range of varieties to choose from. Most come in the shape of a sphere and feature various colors and scents; others contain skin softening oils and butters, fragrant oils, minerals, or fun elements such as glitter or flower petals – some may even come with glitter inside!

Body scrubs are a fun and therapeutic way to relax, making an excellent natural alternative to soaps and shower gels. Plus they make the perfect present for someone who enjoys self-pampering!

Bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate and citric acid as two key ingredients that cause them to fizz in water, creating many carbon dioxide bubbles similar to what occurs when an Alka-Seltzer tablet dissolves in water.

Bath bomb ingredients may include soaps, salts, powdered clays, herbs, essential oils, and other cosmetic ingredients; as well as exciting extras like glitter or flower petals which float on top of the water surface.

Bath bombs contain surfactants that help keep water clean by dissolving dirt and grime from its surface, as well as moisturize your skin – making it an excellent solution for people with dry skin.

Crafting snow globes can also be a rewarding activity for kids during rainy afternoons, and their simple construction makes for an easy craft project with infinite customization possibilities for any theme or season.

Let it fizz

Bath bombs are fun and cost-effective products designed to make your tub smell wonderful, relax your muscles, and provide other therapeutic benefits. Plus they make great presents!

Bath bombs typically include two basic ingredients, baking soda and citric acid. When exposed to water, these ingredients combine with it and release carbon dioxide gas, creating the fizzy bubbles you see when dropping one in your tub.

The quantities of each ingredient will depend on your recipe; as a general guideline, try using two parts baking soda to one part citric acid; however, experiment until you achieve exactly what is desired.

Some recipes call for using cornstarch to slow the reaction between baking soda and citric acid with water, helping the bath bomb remain submerged longer and fizz more intensely.

Add liquid absorbers such as borax or Epsom salts as a liquid absorber; these will prevent baking soda and citric acid from reacting with other components in the bath bomb when drying.

Apple cider vinegar is another effective preservative option and often available at your local grocery store.

By employing this technique, you can craft bath bomb recipes tailored specifically to your needs and tastes. There are various ingredients you can utilize – essential oils, natural fragrances or even sprinkles or dried flower petals can all add variety – just be sure to mix well so none of your ingredients bleed together into each other and discolor.


Bath bombs are an excellent way to treat yourself, helping you unwind after an exhausting day and relieve sore muscles.

Making your own homemade detergent at home is easier than you think – all it requires are a few basic ingredients and tools.

Start by gathering all the ingredients: corn starch, citric acid, epsom salt, baking soda and mica powder (if applicable). Mix them all thoroughly in a large bowl.

Add coconut oil and essential oils gradually while mixing to ensure complete incorporation of all components.

Once your bath bomb mixture resembles wet sand, it is time to transfer it into your spherical bath bomb molds. Firmly press your mixture into both halves of each mold until locked into place by twisting.

Once your bath bombs are assembled, fill your tub with warm water and drop one in. Use a stopwatch or timer to record how long it takes the bomb to dissolve in the tub’s environment.

Some ingredients, like butters and essential oils, require warm bathwater in order to dissolve properly, so a disposable tub liner may be beneficial in providing this space for proper dissolving.

After using a bath bomb, be sure to thoroughly cleanse your tub to avoid dyes staining it with their dyes. A bathtub cleaning sponge or brush can help get rid of dye stains effectively.

Patch testing your bath bomb before applying it directly to your skin can also be beneficial, enabling you to identify whether any ingredients cause an allergic reaction in you and allow you to quickly remove and rinse off. If this is indeed the case for you, remove and dispose of immediately.


If the colors, petals or glitter from your bath bomb remain visible after you take a bath, be sure to quickly shower off afterwards and rid the tub’s sides and floors of them as this will reduce how many oils remain behind on your skin, which is beneficial.

To avoid your bath bomb from clogging your drain, place it in a porous bag first before mixing with water. This will ensure that only ingredients capable of dissolving will do so and the others remain behind.

Rinsing it with soap and water may also help. Doing this will reduce the amount of residue in your tub and make bathing experience more pleasurable.

Try something different by creating your own bath bomb recipe, which may include ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate skin. Add in a fragrant bath oil for extra indulgence!

An effective way to evaluate a new bath bomb recipe is by mixing it with water and watching its reaction. You may need to alter water temperature or add more of the mixture depending on its response.

There are various bath bomb recipes out there, and you need to decide which is the most suitable. For instance, those with sensitive skin might prefer selecting a product containing aloe vera or green tea as this will soothe their skin while providing nutrients.

Make Bath Bombs of Different Shapes and Sizes Lush Cosmetics is one company that manufactures bath bombs in various shapes and sizes for users with sensitive skin – this includes rose, lavender and oat milk based options that make for great bath bombs!

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